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Thread: help with the aero z`s cog

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    help with the aero z`s cog

    Hello, i need help with the cog adjustment of a aero z that i am going order, but i dont know where is specifically the position inch. if anyone can show me pics or something. i`m c5-c6 little trunk.

    TiLite Aero Z Aluminum Wheelchair ($1549.00 ea)
    Options (Edit):
    - Select Frame Type: Aero Z (250 lb weight limit)
    - Frame Color: Super Wet Black
    - Color Anodize Package: Black STD NC
    - Seat Width - Rear: 17"
    - Seat Width - Front: Same as Rear NC
    - Seat Depth: 18"
    - Front Seat Height: 19"
    - Rear Seat Height: 17"
    - Seat To Footrest Length: 16.5"
    - Foot Plates: Angle Adjustable Std
    - Folding Back: Folding, Aluminum Adjustable Height STD
    - Seat Back Height: 16.5 - 20.5" [Set at:: 16.5]
    - Folding Back Angle: 89°
    - Center of Gravity: 4"
    - Footrest Width: 6" Narrower than Seat Width
    - Rear Wheel Spacing: .75"
    - Camber: Aluminum 4°
    - Front Angle: 80°
    - Front Wheels: 5" x 1" 1-Piece Plastic Wheel w/Poly Tire NC
    - Rear Wheels: 24" Spinergy Wire w/Low Flange Hub Std
    - Rear Tires: Primo
    - Handrims: Silver Anodized Aluminum, Long Tabs Std
    - Wheel Locks: Push to Lock STD
    - Upholstery Colors: Black STD
    - Back Upholstery: Velcro Adjustable STD
    - Seat Upholstery: Tension Adjustable Bolt On (Black Only) STD
    - Axles: Stainless Quick Release Std
    - Accessories: Extra Spacers to Increase Rear Wheel Spacing NC, 4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar NC
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    My 2cents is that COG (more correctly termed "axle position") is a VERY personal config option.

    Does not the Aero-Z allow for adjustment? I think it does. You could have it "preset" wherever and adjust it to your liking once you get the chair (or have it adjusted quite easily by an AB if necessary).

    I run ~2.5 on a Quickie GT and ~3.5 on a Quickie XTR. The XTR is MUCH more front heavy so axle position can be tweaked forward more for improved maneuverability and better push stroke (for my body, anyway).

    I'd say don't sweat it, get it set wherever and dial it in when you get it.

    P.S. For my body, which is VERY light from the waist down (...I always had chicken legs even as an AB...) Tilite axle positions can be advanced forward more than Quickie's before the chair becomes to rear tippy. If I were ordering a Tilite I'd probably add an inch to my current "COG" setting of 2.5" on my Quickie GT.

    (Your Mileage WILL Vary )

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    double whammy post...sorry.
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    yeah, aero-z allow adjust cog, but i think it limits to 1 inch.
    I would like that anyone put some pic of a chair with 4inch COG.

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    4" will make the chair rather tippy (backwards), if i understand correctly.

    SCI_OTR: for clarification, this is the distance measurement forward from the rear of the seat, correct? is it based on the center of the axle tube, or...?

    ulises, on another note, i'd recommend you consider a lower rear seat height for greater stability.

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    I would measure your current chair from center of axle of rear wheel to front of backpost, just eyeball the distance keeping tape measure paralell to the floor. That way you will be measuring from center of wheel to where your back will be when sitting in the chair. Then give this measurement to vendor but only if you are happy with center of gravity (COG) in current chair. If current chair is too tippy add maybe 1/2" if too front heavy subtract.

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    Thanks Scott i will get a lower rear seat height, i though is too high.
    How look a chair with 2inch of cog (tilite) ?
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    assuming I know how to measure, this was @ 4" from the rear of the seat tubes. I've since pushed it back to 3" & it made a huge difference in stability, although I can still wheelie easily. I'd say that a 2-3" COG is reasonable, 1-2" if you want to be conservatively safe from tipping. When I was @ 4" I was scared to run w/o anti-tippers. Now I don't use them @ all.

    Oh, and by all means get a lower rear seat height. The cantilevered chairs can be really forward-tippy, and w/ decreased trunk support, more dump will REALLY be in your favor. I'd go as low as possible... w/o looking, it's what, 14 or 15"? 4-5" of dump is ideal, IMO.

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    4" may make the chair tippy unless both the front and rear STF heghts are on the low side or the seat depth is >18". Based on my limited experience with the Crossfire, it seems to be a little more sensitive to COG differences. This 18x16+1 85 degree ZRa was spec'd with 18"F/15"R STF heights and a COG of 3.25". It is pretty stable. 3.25" should get the camber tube mounting clamps in front of the backrest hinge. That would make dialing in the COG much easier.

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    thanks guys, thats just i need to know.

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