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Thread: Police Officers Throw Man Out Of His Wheelchair

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    Police Officers Throw Man Out Of His Wheelchair

    Most people may or may not have recently seen this. But a disabled man was recently prisoned for reasons unknown and was thrown from his wheelchair by a officer of the law to be searched. He wasn't just lifted from his wheelchair and placed on the ground, he didn't even have the option to lower himself to the ground, the back of his wheelchair was lifted off of the ground, and this man was thrown to the ground, no questions asked. From the video it looks as if the disabled man is a high injury quad and does not have much muscle development in his upper body. I haven't seen such a heinous act of civil rights since the LAPD beat down on Rodney King. Please let me know what you think about this, and you can believe me that this is not the last time I will write about this and I will do everything in power to make sure something is done. Click here to see the video.

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    This was mentioned in two or three threads that started a couple of weeks ago.

    Unless you're talking about the paraplegic (now serving 10 years) who, in October, threw a glass crack pipe at a deputy and then got dumped? That one just got in the news today.

    And it was at the same jail...
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.

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    Sorry but we (me included) are always saying we want to be treated as equals and then this sort of thing happens and suddenly we want to be treated with kid gloves.

    We dont know the full and correct story but we cant have it both ways i'm affraid.

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    Already discussed, at length, here:


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