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    Hi, I am a t-6 sci and found out that I am pregnant. Was wondering about any advice etc. that I should be aware. I do have AD, and I know I am considered a high risk pregnancy. I am going to the high risk ob on April 12. Is there more to let my doc know about then just AD?

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    Congrats! I'm a C 7 quad and just had my 2nd child post SCI. Honestly, the only two SCI specific complications/complaintsa during my pregnancy's were UTI's and AD. For the rest, it seems that every 'normal' pregnancy complaint was just magnified by my SCI (ie. pregnancy swelling on top of SCI swelling, pregnancy aches and inmobility on top of SCI aches and inmobility). So make sure that your OB researcches (or provide him with your own 'google' research) and consults with urologist, anesthesiologist etc. I'd be happy to answer any questions...or do a search for past posts of mine regarding pregnancy/children/babies.
    This will be the best thing you've ever children are the lights of my life and challenge me to be a better person physically (definitely the best OT/physio lol), mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    I am a t-12 incomplete and I have got three children and I was not even consider a high risk. I did the usual visits at the doctor. But my last pregnancy was 12 years ago.

    I don't have AD of course so I will only warn you for not gaining weight, last time I gain too much, 35 kg And I had my share of utis of course. I did not have natural births because my pelvis was too narrow, so I had some trouble after to get out of the bed and to move around.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Good luck...can't offer any advice
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    Thansk so much I am a little scared because when I went to the OB for the inital visit I was asked by them "can this even happen?" I'm like well it sorta happens the usual way Doc only wants me to gain 15-25 lbs, and I will probably have another c-sectio. Had my first in "04 right before I had my accident in "05. I'm def more tired and sicker than the first. The docs took me off all meds and the neuro pain is ok, by my standards. Anyone try breastfeeding? Just wondering for some first hand experience......thanks all

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    EMI 2 any advice, info, comments greatly wanted and appreciated.

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    i can not offer advice, but want to give you my congrats!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 05survivor
    EMI 2 any advice, info, comments greatly wanted and appreciated.
    I've been thinking of making an all-inclusive type post of my experiences, advice, tips - bear with my while I find time to complete it.

    When are you due anyhow?
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Wishing you wealth and health!
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    Congratulations! I just had my 2nd child 5 weeks ago (first since my injury) I am a T2 complete. I was much sicker and more tired with this pregnancy during the first trimester. I had to come off all my meds overnight so that did not help. After the first trimester I felt better than I have since I was injured. I knew it would be harder to move around so I really tried not to gain a lot of weight (gained around 15lbs). My UTI's were bad the first 4 months, then the obgyn put me on daily antibiotic and by month 5 they were gone, I have not had one since. Of course my bladder would not hold any urine from almost day one, always leaking, but that was not so bad. The 2nd trimester was pretty good, things didn't get hard until 3rd trimester. At about month 7, I started having regular bowel accidents, the baby was just keeping me from being able to clean out during my bowel care. As the baby got bigger I had some problems with my blood pressure dropping really low throughout the day. But that was not so bad, it just kept me from driving. I was able to go to the gym and workout with weights during the entire pregnancy. My obgyn decided to induce the labor 5 weeks early because of the fluctuations in my BP. I had an epidural to control the AD, which it did fine. I had a normal vaginal delivery. I did not think I would be able to push the baby out because of my level of injury, but I pushed him out with 6 pushes, it was easy and fast. I had a beautiful healthy baby boy. I have been breastfeeding and pumping a lot to keep my milk in. I dont have as much milk as I did with my first baby, I just supplement with formula. I have had AD post delivery and even now while breastfeeding. I take clonodine if my BP goes really high and wont come down. Now I am learning as I go as far as taking care of him. I got one of those mini cosleepers to put next to my bed. They are great and make it easy during the night to get him for feeding. If you have any questions and I can help I would be glad to. The other thing, I made sure my obgyn and physiatrist communicated with eachother which really helped. Hope everything goes well! Congratulations!

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