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Thread: c5 chair to bed transfer

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    well,thanks to all of you about giving such beneficial comments.specially chicks,your ideas r really good.i do have wrist movementin one direction and is working on shoulder and biceps to make them strong.
    which of them is the most important?
    as i dont have a gym around so giving some ideas to make these stronger will be appreciable.
    can someone explain from the start i mean step by step method of transfer?
    i can balance myself on sitting position ,have strong biceps but cant lift my buttoks in bed or move myself around in bed what work i need to do for that.
    one can have idea about my weight from the pic attached
    my email id is

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    Have you seen the videos?

    Watch them, and it'll be much better.

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    If u have wrist movement in one direction u should be a C6 and transfers are very possible. The muscles involved in transfers for C6 are mostly latissimus dorsi or lats, pecs (chest muscles) n scapula ( the shoulder shrugging motion)
    here's a vid of myself transferring, i hope you can see it properly cos i dont know how to flip the vidio

    im now workin on my car transfer but have lots of problems with leg managment

    n for high level quad transfers u really have to work on ur balance cos thats the key. good luck

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