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Thread: Non-iron plate weight exercising equipment

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    Non-iron plate weight exercising equipment

    Are there any non iron plate exercise equipment out there for people who use 'chairs? I had a Soloflex machine in 1982 and after my accident I gave it to the local veteran's home. I wish I would have kept it. My nephew is a welder and he could have burned the "T" off the bottom of the post and welded a "U" to fit a 'chair.

    I telephoned Soloflex and asked about a wheelchair model and they told me they can customize one for an additional price, twice the regular price of the standard Soloflex.

    Are there any resistive bands, poles, etc. out there? I also saw the TheraBand Wall station. See picture. Anyone have one of these?


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    titanium4motion, I had a soloflex before I got my cable gym. If your chair's footrest will clear the bottom tubing portion, the soloflex can still be used in a chair.

    I had the "T" or cross member removed from the end and then had two pieces of diamond plate spot wield on the bottom portion for stability.

    My footrest didn't clear the tubing completely so I had to do a little wheelie access it. It worked well, just didn't have evey thing that I wanted.

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    I hope I'm not hijacking your thread but I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these?

    Located here:

    It looks like it would help a person from leaning forward, bigtime. It's hard on the neck trying to stay sitting straight when curling.

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    I have a versatrainer and really like it. I used to use it a lot when I was a wheelchair roadracer then stopped for years. I hurt my shoulder transferring 3 or 4 years ago. An orthopedist thought shoulder surgery would be good idea. Not me, both wife and myself are chair users and I could picture having to recuperate in a nursing home. I got the versatrainer back from a friend who borrowed it. The cable mechanism which allows user to change height of apparatus for different routines had broken - my buddy had fabricated a replacement piece but it didn't work as well. I contacted the company 3 or 4 times for a replacement part - the design had changed and the company determined they had no old parts. As a result, they shipped me an entirely new versatrainer for free. I gave away the old one to a young chair user who wanted to work out. I guess you could say the company supports its product well.

    Anyway, I rehabbed my shoulder using the versatrainer. My shoulder will never be quite the same but I would say back to 80%. I like the versatrainer because as you start to move the power rods they only take 1/3 force - as you progress toward maximum bend you get to 100%. I think it's less traumatic to joints/muscles than free weights and easier to use if you are starting off injured. The platform is however 4 by 6 feet to accommodate chair and the rods when bent actually extend out from platform by about a foot. So you do need significant space for the apparatus. You will have to go around back of versatrainer whenever you want to change power rods so you need space behind machine as well. If you have the $ and space I would recommend it highly.

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    I have a Versatrainer also, maybe I have a newer version because I can change the weights from the platform. I am a T-10 SCI for 3 years now, I just set the bar the cables come out of all the way up and then I can reach the hooks for the rods. It does need to be away from the wall in the back,but only a few inches, it is the space on the sides that you have to allow for. I like it, gym workout that I do not have to drive anywhere for. I would recommend it to anyone!

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    Purchased Soloflex on Ebay for $50.00

    Thanks guys for your input. The bowflex versatrainer is a nice piece of equipment. I just purchased a Soloflex off of eBay for $50.00 and it is only an hour's drive away.


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    The bowflex evolution is a GREAT piece of equip.

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