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Thread: T10 Spinal Cord infartion

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    T10 Spinal Cord infartion

    On October 10,2007 I had a spinal cord Infartion that left me with no movement or feeling from 2 inches above the belly botton.I also have extrem Pain and burning on the left side.I was in rehab for two weeks learning how to walk againand 2 months of out pationt rehab.I got alittle feeling back in the left leg. I take vicoden And Nerotin for pain.Now I was told I have Devic Deases a form of MS.

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    I have no idea what an infartion is, but I'm also a T-10 that has to deal with immense amounts of pain. If the pain is horrible, you should look in to seeing a pain specialist.

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    Infarction is a loss of blood supply to a body area, so this is like a spinal cord stroke.

    Where did you go to rehab? Do you have a good SCI physiatrist? Have you tried TENS? Acupuncture? Other drugs (mexilitine, Tegretol, Lyrica, imipramine)??


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    Damagedgoods, you're worrying me tonight. You seem to be having a meltdown of sorts and I'm concerned for you.

    What's happened for you to write the things you are tonight? What has precipitated such lashing at others?

    I know SCI sucks, more some days than other, but what has happened for you to write what you're writing, for you to do this at this moment?

    Talk to us. We are here for each other and that includes you.

    Whatever has happened, hang in. What's happening, dg?

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    I had my rehab at Elk Grove Village(One of rehab Inst. of Chicago units
    I take 3 to 4 vicodin (750) and neurotin(1800mg) a day.I have a pretty good tolerence to pain.I've had cervical fusion and 2 lower back operations and mylogram that went bad(leaking) that I spent 4 days in the hospital.I have really gotten use to dealing with pain.I always start my day with a good positive out look.

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