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Thread: Is anyone following the heparin recall story

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    Is anyone following the heparin recall story

    I wasn't sure which forum would be more appropriate.

    Baxter is recalling several forms of heparin because of reported allergic reactions and deaths, the raw ingredients are manufactured in China and they contained a contaminent. It's still under investigation but as the story has unfolded it is looking like the contaminent is a chemical similar to heparin which would most likely be added to "cut" the heparin to make it cheaper, it's very similar to the dog food "melamine" incident. There's a lot to it and I had typed out too much so I edited it down.
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    This is causing major problems for hospitals. While there are a few other manufacturers of heparin other than Baxter, they don't make nearly the amount needed to replace the Baxter product, and of course they are using this opportunity to price gouge. Our alternative supplier where I work increased their prices by 4X on the day the Baxter recall was announced.

    It does help to emphasize the need to decrease the use of heparin (actually a new Joint Commission requirement) whenever possible though as there are increasing reports of serious injury or deaths caused when patients who have a heparin "allergy" get heparin, even in small doses, and can develop thrombocytopenia unexpectedly. A friend of my father's had this happen after his coronary artery bypass surgery and ended up being a high bilateral leg amputee. We have implemented measures to eliminate or reduce the need to use heparin to maintain PICC and other central lines and use procedures that allow the use of normal saline only.

    The recall and issues above do NOT include Levonox, which is low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) used for DVT prevention in those with new SCI.


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    From an article in the paper today the "contaminant" is a form of Glucosamine which is frequently made from seafood shells (shrimp shells) which some people are allergic to. This form of Glucosamine also can be used as a blood thiner though it is not as good as Heparin (SCI-Nurse?) and is certainly less expensive. BTW, Glucosaime plus Chrondroitin is frequently used for joint pain and arthritis and you can search here for more info on that use.

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    once i found out that most of our meds are made in china , this will just get worse, we need to bring back these manufacturing jobs to the usa,
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