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Thread: Gel forming in lungs

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    Gel forming in lungs

    Can someone please help? My Mother (62 yrs. a non-smoker) is very rapidly getting a jelly that is forming in her lungs. It has come from out of the blue and doc's (Mayo -Jax) are saying they have no idea what causes it. The jelly obstucts the air so she can't breath. In December at this Christmas she was as normal as normal could be and at present, has deteriated to be like a 90 year old woman over night????????????????
    In December she began taking a stem cell enhancement product sold via MLM even though she was as healthy as a horse, and now in March she has become an old woman? I would be greatful if anyone would please take the time to reply to this request for information.

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    Haven't a clue. Is it mucous or phlegm? Do bacteria grow if it is cultured? Have they done a brochoscopy to look at it in place and see what it looks like? Is she coughing it up? What does her chest Xray show? Has she seen a pulmonary specialist? Has she had tests for lung cancer?

    If she is taking some experimental or herbal product, why is she doing this? Is it an FDA approved study or something she just found on the internet?


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