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Thread: Stringy white particles in urine

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    Stringy white particles in urine

    I am a L-1 and self cath. I've have plenty of UTI's since my injury back in '93 and don't think this is one. I am able to use my left leg but not my right and when I get any type of infection the nerves fire up in my right leg and it is very very painful and this is why I doubt I have an infection. I really began to notice this a couple of weeks ago whether I would self cath or go on my own which I don't do that much because I'm unable to fully empty the bladder this way. What happens in the first part of my urine is full of little white stringy particles but the urine is clear. I will empty out the bottle and will then continue cathing and the urine is clear with no odor. Going to get in touch with one of my doc's later but wanted to post this to see if anyone else has this problem. I'm a 45 yr old male who quit smoking 3 months ago, figure I better put that in there as well just in case thanks


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    Sounds like you are referring to sedimentation. Please review this post and ask any further questions you may have.


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    Thank you AAD, I emailed my primary care doc and he told me to bring in a sample to check for protein. He's not my spinal doc but he's with the same hospital system. We'll see and thank you


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