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    Prayer Healing Help With

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    Nurse Dwitt must have lost her mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by manouli
    Nurse Dewitt must have lost her mind.

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    Prayer done with the right heart is spirit to spirit communion with our Father in Heaven.Our Faith raises our spirit beyound these earthly bands, our pain , our struggle, and allow us to touch heavens glory which in turn fills our hearts with a powerful sense of Gods presense.If you have the Faith of a mustard seed it will grow into a tree of life. I personally believe you couldnt find a better soil to grow healing for our bodys in. A great book to read that may help you see God in an amazing way that you may never have seen him before in. Is called "The Shack" Go to you may never be the same again

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    things that make you go hmmm...

    open house lynchpin lessons about prayer:
    1. visualize reality
    2. mind over matter
    3. use it or lose it

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