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Thread: Understanding my urodynamics results

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    Understanding my urodynamics results

    I just had my first urodynamics test a couple days ago. They pumped 750ml of water into my bladder, asking me to cough at different points. Apparently the test did not trigger any unusual spasms, which is good, right? I'm not exactly sure what they were looking for with this test.

    One unusual thing, although they pumped 750ml in, only about 600ml came back out at the end. Does this mean some of the fluid went back up into my kidneys? I am scheduled for more tests next month, one of which I think will test for reflux into the kidneys.

    All this began when I started having increased leakage in January. This leakage continues now, even though I've been tested for a UTI and have taken several courses of antibiotics.

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    Hi Zero,

    RE info on urodynamics testing, review this site with special attn to the area on CMG.

    As to the approx 150cc that your bladder did not empty out- it is normal that the bladder does not empty out the exact amt put in. We usually think 100-125cc or so is normal- so you may be a little over, depending on your doctors judgement. This residual urine amt will be considered when interpreting your results.

    Urodynamics do not indicate reflux back into your kidney and you usually need a voiding urogram or other test, which you will be having. Covering all these bases is necessary to do a complete workup for urinary incontinence or leaking.

    Keep us posted.


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    750mls? I thought it was bad to have more than 500mls in the bladder.

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    That's what I've heard, though in the past I have cathed over 1000ml at once (not intentionally). Now I can't seem to hold more than about 250ml without leaking, which is what started all these tests in the first place. I'm not sure why they were able to pump in 750ml without it coming back out.

    My sister had surgery for primary vesicoureteral reflux when she was five, and though I've never had any problems I'm wondering if more tests will reveal I have some degree of reflux as well.

    Interesting side note, the congenital defect that causes primary VUR has another earmark, literally. Many people with the condition have a small dimple above the tragus of one ear. My sister has this dimple, as do I, though mine is less pronounced.

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    The 750ml is used diagnostically in this testing situation to see what the bladder can hold and is not allowed to stay in the bladder for an extended period of time.


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    Zero - I winced when I read about your 10o0mls! It was having 1500mls (yes, you read right) in my bladder that first triggered dysreflexia.
    I'd be so fed up if I couldn't hold more than 250mls without leaking. Do you take any bladder meds?

    KLD - thanks for clearing that up for me.

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