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Thread: disposable gloves

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    disposable gloves

    Latex/vinyl, powdered/unpowdered - which have the longer shelf life?
    I'm thinking about buying a large quantity to get a substantial discount, but don't want to discover in a year or two that they fall apart or crack when I try to put them on. Any brand recommendations, or are they all about the same?
    I was looking here - prices are notably less than I pay at the town pharmacy.
    - Richard

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    The prices seem comparable with what I'm paying. I go to a discount medical supply place (Oakland Medical Market, near the Oakland airport, or Hayward Medical Market in downtown Hayward). Gloves, blue pads, gauze, tape, the house brand version of aleven, etc. I think the house brand name is Medline.
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    They all have an incredibly long shelf life, but be careful with the latex powdered version, as you can develop an allergy over time. I buy vinyl with cornstarch as the "powder" instead of the usual powder they put in them. No more expensive and less chance of allergy.

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    I would recommend avoid latex gloves, esp. the powdered ones, as they have the most likelyhood of causing problems with latex allergy for you or your caregivers over time. Nitrile is a latex-like non-latex material that is very good. Next best is vinyl. It depends on what you are using them for. You need better "feel" for some things (where nitrile is better) but vinyl are cheaper.


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    Thanks for the help. They're almost exclusively for the bowel program. I've generally used vinyl, powdered when I can get them, and although the latex & nitrile feel nicer, I guess I'll stick with vinyl.
    - Richard

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    I get them at Sam's Club.

    I can get a couple boxes for a good price and not have to worry about storing big boxes at home. A big plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutsLucy
    I get them at Sam's Club.

    I can get a couple boxes for a good price and not have to worry about storing big boxes at home. A big plus.
    Yep, I've found Sams club and Walmart are the best place to get them. I think I paid 5 bucks for a box of 100 in the automotive section (believe it on not, lol) at walmart last time for the vinyl gloves, about half what I would pay at the local pharmacy.
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    I order a case online. I have the space to store them and they hold up fine. Note: I don't skimp on gloves LOL. I use however many it takes.

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