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Thread: my belly quad

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    my belly quad

    my belly quad after 6 years of sci ...i eat breakfast ,lunch and dinner....a lot of heineken as well ....sorry about the pic mom took the pic....she focused on my belly only .
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    Whatever! I got at least two of those!! LOL

    DO you stim, or just watch calories?


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    Hey - you're sitting on that sore!
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    That's a quad belly? Your stomach is flatter than most walking people.

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    I eat once during the day and bowl of cereal at bed time and mine is huge! I blame Lyrica for that. What's your secret?
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    Beer clears things right on through, eh, Adi? That is not a quad gut or even a para belly.
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    goodness...that's weak. My belly o quadness puts that to shame! Mine's terribly huge.
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    What the heck Adi? You got me on 2 counts, slimness and the hair. I guess you win.
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    You must be eating rice cakes with those Heiny's Adi, cuz my eyes don't see a belly. Unless it's hiding under that rug. LOL
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    Adi, you must have quite a lot of abdominal spasticity to maintain a 6-pack like that!


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