New Book Looks at Americans with Disabilities Act, Foley's Efforts

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LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 13 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Rep. Mark Foley's

(R-Fla.) attempt to amend the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act

-- and how and why it failed in 2000 -- forms the backdrop of the
new book, "Make Them Go Away: Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve and
The Case Against Disability Rights" from longtime disability rights
journalist Mary Johnson. Foley has recently announced another
effort to require 90 days' notice before filing suit under the law.

Foley's campaign the last time involved actor Clint Eastwood,
who lost much of his legal fight over access at his resort.

"Eastwood simply lied about things," says Johnson.
The 1990 law, Johnson says, "is still widely ignored in most
communities." Wheelchair users remain barred from restaurants,
fitness centers and shops in established neighborhoods -- "and
anyone who brings up suing for access is vilified." Yet, she adds,
echoing a theme of Foley's and Eastood's three years ago,
"everyone's quick to say they just want to help the disabled."

"Everyone cares for disabled people, right? What they don't care
for are genuine civil rights for disabled people," says The
Nation's William Greider. In "Make Them Go Away," "Mary Johnson
tells the tortuous, enraging story of how Congress enacted a law
that instead of protecting against discrimination has turned 'the
disabled' into a political punching bag."

Johnson has covered disability rights for over two decades as
editor of The Disability Rag and Ragged Edge magazines.

More about "Make Them Go Away: Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve
and The Case Against Disability Rights" is available at or from
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The Advocado Press (Louisville, Ky.) has been publishing books
and periodicals on the disability experience since 1981. "Make Them
Go Away" is the fourth in its series on U.S. disability rights laws
and activism. Other books in the series include "People with
Disabilities Explain It All For You: Your Guide to the Public
Accommodations Requirements of the Americans with Disabilities
Act," "Education Rights of Children With Disabilities: A Revised &
Updated Primer for Advocates" (with the national Center on Law and
Education) and "To Ride the Public's Buses: The Fight that Built A