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Thread: Graduate school scholarships

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    Graduate school scholarships

    Has anyone found useful websites or foundations to contact regarding scholarships and/or grants for people with disabilities??
    Thanks in advance --

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    Hi Chaz19;

    The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers graduate scholarships each year. They do not target people with disabilities but their number one criteria is individuals with financial need. Applications for 2008 are now being accepted and can be initiated online.

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    Check this thread, it might be of help.
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    thx, John and Sjean- both are very helpful

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    Hi Chaz. Here are some resources, association and school specific, not necessarily dis-related, tho some within links below may.

    The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships

    Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships

    * By Field of Interest:

    College Scholarships - Social Work

    Boston College - BC link under maintenance so not working, so linked search page. I'm sure you've done similar/same search, but figured I'd incl. here, as it lists other related sources.

    * Related area/field- (both in MA area)

    Albert Shweitzer Fellowship
    The U.S. Schweitzer Fellows Programs provide community service fellowships for graduate students in health-related professional fields who are dedicated to addressing unmet health needs in their local areas.

    Clark University Graduate Programs and Fellowships
    Clark University's Department of International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE) offers four IDCE graduate programs and fellowships up to $48,900 in: Community Development and Planning, International Development and Social Change, Environmental Science and Policy, and Geographic Information Sciences for Development and Environment. The Community Development and Planning program provides current and future community development practitioners, activists, and scholars with a strong foundation — based on theory, skill development, and practice — to take on the challenges of urban revitalization in the United States.
    To learn more about the Community Development and Planning program at Clark University, visit
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