Hi, I also had a fusion on C-5 and C-6 a couple of years ago due to a car accident. My surgeon explained to me (after a year of "pool Therapy", chiropractors, etc. and also had a Gastric Bypass and had lost 164lbs and proud to say I have not gained it back) that there was a 50/50 chance that this operation would be successful in eliminating the pain and of course that would make me Mobile because I just could not move around or even stand for more then 3 minutes without having to sit due to pain) Anyway I read that some members live in Florida (I live in Cape Canaveral) and I found a "pain management Doctor" who prescribes medications that he believes will ease the pain. First, let me say that I am so very grateful to have found this Doctor because the members who live in Florida know how very strict the laws are about prescribing narcotic medications, which I believe is a good thing, unless your doctor is not hearing what you say about how much pain you are in. He seems like he is listening, but when I look at the medications that he prescribes for me, they are always the same. I am not for one minute complaining, but what do you have to say or do for your doctor to try a new medication or even a combination of medications that might work for the patient. Anyway, I go every 1st of every Month for a Five or Ten minute consultation, we talk somewhat and then I make another appointment for the next month, he gives me a hard copy of my Medications and then I am on my way until the first of the upcoming month. Now here is my question, If any of the Members go to a "pain Management Doctor" in Brevard County Florida (cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral area) and if they feel as though the Doctor really listens and will hear you when you say, "these medications are not working" What can we do about this if anything? Could you please let me know about this Doctor, because I really respect the opinions and advise of this wonderful Website. Thank you for "listening" Also I have been seeing my Doctor for over a year, my insurance covers all of my appointments for which I am grateful, and I do not switch Doctors without a significant reason, as a matter of fact I really stick to all my Doctors, but there is always room for a second opinion. Thanks again. Have a safe and PAIN FREE 4th of July and praying for the same all through the years. Fran