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Thread: PLANTRONICS CS-50 USB Question

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    Smile PLANTRONICS CS-50 USB Question

    Does anyone here use the PLANTRONICS CS-50 USB with Dragon 9.51? How do you guys rated? I'm tired of pulling the mic wire with my chair... I need to go wireless. Can it also be used for voice chat on MSN or yahoo? Thanks!

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    I use the Plantronics CS 50 USB with Dragon 9.51. I rate it nine out of 10. It also works well with MSN and Yahoo. I'm using it right now to write this message. I got mine on eBay for considerably less than regular price.

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    Thanks for letting me know. Why did you give it a nine out of 10? What are the pros and cons that you have found using it? I was also looking on eBay as well to see what kind of prices they have and it looks pretty good. Also if you listen to music an MP3 for example is the sound pretty loud? Reason for asking is because I do a lot of video editing and I have tried a Bluetooth headset and the audio quality playback, is really really low.

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    The thing I don't like about the Plantronics headset are the ear loops they don't work for me I have to use the headband. The sound is real good but with MP3s you might prefer stereo and of course Plantronics is Mono. I've tried Bluetooth too. I like the Plantronics much better also the Plantronics CS 50 USBs range is about 10 times that of Bluetooth.

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    i don't mind about using a headband. That would probably be the best thing for me anyway since I would not be able to put the ear loop on by myself. The main thing was sound quality anyway and how good it works on Dragon Naturally Speaking. Anyway, if there's anyone else that uses this type of headsets I would like to hear your opinion as well.

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    Is there a pod needed when using this type of headset?

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