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Thread: an idea for finding a new pca

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    an idea for finding a new pca

    usually when i need to hire a new pca i put an ad in the paper:
    Caregiver 15 hrs/wk $12/hr + raises. 3.5hrs AM, 1.5hrs PM. No exp nec. Bkgd check. Some lifting. 426-4906, leave msg.

    this is 4 lines & costs $45 to run 5 days. i'd put more info, but the price will become too high. so what happens is i get TONS of calls for a week, and it wastes so much of my time to explain what i need [c5/6 quad, complete] is just help getting up & ready for the day [bowel care, shower, dressing] and getting back to bed at night [xfer, ROM w/ legs]. most people just want info, aren't interested, but don't necessarily say so and will be a no-show for interview. at least 5 minutes per phone call times ## calls adds up. especially since only a handful are actually interested and worth my interest.

    my idea is to write the add differently:
    Caregiver part-time. email for more info. will reply.

    then i can have a whole reply message ready to go w/ all my info of what i need. i think this will be a much more efficient way to go about searching for a caregiver, but i'm concerned i may miss some opportunities since it's easier to just pick up the phone & call.

    i'm looking for feedback here from pca's and from other sci's who deal w/ the tedious task of finding new caregivers. any pointers/advice?

    eta: i'd use craigslist, but since i'm not in a big city, it wouldn't get any hits...

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    Use a throwaway e-mail address, not your regular one. Be prepared for a lot of spam. Using e-mail, your possibilities can also send a resume.

    Craig's List cost $75 per listing.
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon
    Craig's List cost $75 per listing.
    I believe they only charge people in the larger cities.I have used the help wanted section before and was not charged.
    Tough Times Don't Last...Tough People Do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcechser
    I believe they only charge people in the larger cities.I have used the help wanted section before and was not charged.
    it's $25 now, $75 in SF bay area [not too far from me]

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    Hi, Scott, I'd say go for it - but remember that a lot of folks in the PCA 'bracket' may not have access to a 'puter. Do you have a local hospital? Sometimes they have employee bulletin boards - you might try posting an ad on their board. Also, if you've ever used an agency for home health and know someone, you might just let them know you're looking. Sometimes agency aides 'moonlight' on their own.

    I know what you mean about the phone calls; frustrating and time-consuming, but you do have to let people know what they're in for. One thing - If you get the sense that a caller is 'curious', don't give out too much info - ya never know.

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    i have a friend who works in a nursing home, and she does some private care "on the side" to make extra money. i am wondering if any of your local nursing homes would be open to allowing you to post a flyer on their bulletin board for a pca? i was thinking that maybe if a person worked third shift hours, they could come before they went to work to help with your evening care, and when they get off of work in the morning, come by to do your morning care, if the hours could work out.

    also, does your area have a local shopper? we have one and all of the advertising is free there, as well as the paper is free to consumers. ours is pages and pages of ads and everyone in this city reads it. if you have access to one of those, at least the ad wouldnt cost you anything.

    have you thought about wording the ad to read, send resumes to:----, instead of a phone number? that would help with calls, but i would also guess it would limit your applicants, as i doubt some people who would be interested would even have a resume.

    good luck in your search.

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    I am in the process of having to find a new nurse or caregiver within the next couple weeks. Has anybody had any good responses from having people respond to an e-mail address instead of phone number. With springtime here and baseball season going on with the children I have little time to be constantly on the telephone or having people call during practice or games. But I may have to put up with that in order to find someone. I'm really not even sure what to write as an ad.

    Quadriplegic individual looking for caregiver and/or nurse for two hours every other morning for personal care. If interested e-mail for more info.

    I really hate to have to do this again and try to find an individual but the nursing agencies around here consider the bowel program an invasive procedure and will not let their CNA's do it. It has to be a nurse and that runs into megadollars. I was just lucky with my last nurse as she was recommended from someone and I really didn't have to look. Why must this always be a tedious process?

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    Craig's List will allow you to put either a e-mail address or phone number, or both. I would rewrite your ad like this (Craig's List does not have a per letter or word charge, unlike newspapers):

    Quadriplegic individual looking for caregiver and/or nurse for two hours every other morning for personal care. If interested e-mail for more info.
    "Woman with paralysis needs caregiver for bowel, bladder, skin, bathing and other assistance for 2 hours every other day in the AM. Starting salary $XX. Females only. References and own transportation required. No previous experience required, will train. Non-smokers only. E-mail XXX@XXX or call XXX-XXXX for more information and to arrange an interview."

    More details get you fewer calls from those who are clueless about what such care entails.

    You are actually better off without using an agency if you have to private pay.


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    i haven't tried it yet (the email thing), but i think next time i'm gonna put my phone # and leave a looong message on the answering machine w/ any extra info i don't put into the newspaper ad. i always screen the calls, b/c there is a lot you can tell by voice alone about whether or not you'll be comfortable w/ the person.

    this oughta filter out a lot of ppl, and save my time a bit...

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    email is a good idea- thx for the tip. I will do that also-
    good luck finding someone, i know your frustrations!
    I recently gave ads to a PT student who works where I'm getting PT at. she is going to post them outside her classrooms, etc for me. real nice of her-

    so I take it CraigsList charges for everything?

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