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Thread: Blue-eyed people share a single common Ancestor

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    good post. green eyes?
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    Ah, another reason to be glad I am a brown eyed girl, la la la
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    Quote Originally Posted by antiquity
    Wisey, if genes mutate spontaneously then the complete eradication of certain traits from the human genome isn't really a possibility correct? Unusual phenotypes can arise within populations that are not genetically coded for them. Fewer individuals would become carriers but it would never stop occuring. For example, the oca2 gene responsible for blue eyes is also implicated in albinism as the existence of blue eyes represents the presence of defective melanin producing genes. And since partial ocular albinism can be found within all populations, blue eyes will always be with us. In other words, it will never be a trait that's exclusive to one group or geographical region.
    Antiquity, it is true. It is hard to get rid of genes that are not harmful to the person. If the gene is more or less neutral for survival, the gene often stays in the gene pool, often carried on the coat-tail of other associated genes. Blue eyes, however, may be favored if they are attractive for potential mates. On the other hand, if the gene is harmful, people with that gene may e weeded out. On the other hand, I got the impression that the specific mutation for blue eyes is quite specific and unique... that it the main thrust of this story, that there are not many mutations that cause blue eyes and all of them appear to emanate from this one mutation that came from one ancestor.


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