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Thread: Suicide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif View Post
    If we are lucky to be paras we can toss anything up in the air. Get over it.
    If your addressing me, I'm neither a para nor a quad, I have a brachial plexus injury, so the only thing "lucky" me will be tossing is your crap out the window. If your not addressing me, then you can keep your crap to yourself.
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    If you want to get a better idea of Clayton's character and his influence, then read a bit of this.

    If you can make it to page 15 then you'll get a glimpse of who he was.


    *Notice the significance that his first post was dated 5/07/2006 and the last (65 pages later) was posted today

    Quote Originally Posted by bollefen View Post
    What was Clayton's member name. He preceeds me here yet remains a fixture and I'd like to read some of his contributions.



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