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Thread: Suppository insertion tips

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    Suppository insertion tips

    My PCA only dips the tip of my magic bullet suppository in lubrication then inserts it into my anus. I think this is contributing to my hemorrhoid flare-ups and spots of blood. He says more lubrication makes it too hard to hold on to suppose and insert. Any ideas on how I can get more lube involved yet still make it easy for him. Also, is it a good idea to use a hemorrhoidal suppository if there is some blood, thanks

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    What I do

    What I do w/my husband (C6-7) is I squeeze a generous amount of KY onto my finger (gloved of course) and then on his bottom. Then there's plenty right where I need it for the insertion of the magic bullet.

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    If you are really irritated you can use KY jelly but it can take longer for the suppository to start working.
    The best way is to use nothing-keep at room temperature for whie before inserting, or put a little hot water on it. Suppositories are made out of a substance that can


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    thanks for the ideas!

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