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Thread: spinergy flexrim

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    spinergy flexrim

    Has anyone used the spinergy flexrims? Please let me know your thoughts about this product.

    Thanks so much!


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    I have been trying many rims over the past 3 years.
    I have the NF and NF lt, and a number of alu and titanium rims.
    My favourite - by miles! - are the Spinergy flexrims.
    They are awesome, particularly their push motion, which happens mainly thru the thumb, without the need the grab the rim... And that's great for the hands.
    Going back to any other rim is plain painful.
    Also I do like the ability to squeeze in spaces that are slightly narrower than the chair... Very handy.
    The downside is
    - cost
    - rubber can get damaged and detach (sugru is the only thing I found that holds and fixes it)
    - rubber gets sandy and wet
    - aluminum makes my hands very dirty (I guess I squeezed to many times and damaged the coating)

    Despite all this, I am going to order a new pair to replace mine... In the meantime I am using nf lt, and my hands and aching.*

    Would ordering coated middle thingys be any good? Any experience with his??

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