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Thread: basic lightweight wheelchair?

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    basic lightweight wheelchair?

    Now that I have my new power chair and uppertone I'm looking to replace my 20 year old manual quickie 2 which I'm hoping to trade in with my Torque for a more suitable manual chair. I don't have a lot of $ to spend on one so I'm hoping you guys can help with what basic features the chair should have. The threads here can get so technical on manual chairs!

    An OT at stanford said I should get spinergy wheels, which was the only spec he seemed to mention. He said to keep an eye on ebay.

    Any recommendations on features that c5-6 should look out for? My 14" back still seems a little high so I believe I look for a lower one. Oh and my quickie has the black coated plastic on the rims but I get blisters on my thumbs from pushing on them, anything better out there?
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    i like my spinergies a lot and i also recommend a rigid seat back like the roho jetstream, it's more stable and comfortable than the upholstery back imo.
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    alot has changed in 20 years, go to and look at some cool chairs.......

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    Get some Pushblack handrims...they are easier to grip than those awful plastic coated handrims.

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    are the pushblack the same as the foam coated pushrims offered by sportaid?

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    no they arent rep
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    I just had to buy a manual and cheap and light was all I was interested in because I am in a powerchair 99.5% of the time. I got a Breezy 600 (made by Quickie) from for slightly over five hundred dollars. Nothing fancy, but it has arms that swing back out of the way and 70 degree swinging detachable footpedals. The back is higher than you might like, but if all you want is a spare this works well. I paid an extra bit to have pop off rear wheels, so it can be incredibly light without footpedals and wheels if you need it to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky
    I don't have a lot of $ to spend on one so I'm hoping you guys can help with what basic features the chair should have.
    My opinion is for the price- Spinergies aren't woth it, unless you get a good deal... the wheels that come with lightweight chairs are very light, at least on my Colours.

    MOST short backrests are adjustable for height, just be sure of the range.

    I can't say anything about the handrims preferred.

    Watch for an adjustable chair in all the right places, Buying a FIXED chair is a risky proposition without very precise measurements(yours) and knowledge of the chair.

    Be aware of your needs for armrests and anti-tips if you use either.

    Be aware of brake types according to your needs and preferences.

    I still say keep an alert eye to ebay, some might fine chairs have sold for peanuts there.

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    I still love my SpaZz_G!

    All stock except for the soft roll front tyres

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    Thanks all. anyone know if I buy a chair on ebay if it will be hard to have the pushblack rims added, can a dme do the work or must the wheels be sent to the manufacturer?
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