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Thread: basic lightweight wheelchair?

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    basic lightweight wheelchair?

    Now that I have my new power chair and uppertone I'm looking to replace my 20 year old manual quickie 2 which I'm hoping to trade in with my Torque for a more suitable manual chair. I don't have a lot of $ to spend on one so I'm hoping you guys can help with what basic features the chair should have. The threads here can get so technical on manual chairs!

    An OT at stanford said I should get spinergy wheels, which was the only spec he seemed to mention. He said to keep an eye on ebay.

    Any recommendations on features that c5-6 should look out for? My 14" back still seems a little high so I believe I look for a lower one. Oh and my quickie has the black coated plastic on the rims but I get blisters on my thumbs from pushing on them, anything better out there?
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