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Thread: Wait or Buy?

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    If not a laptop, I would have got a bigger screen.

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    That's a laptop, current Dell 17" chassis can run 2x hard drives.

    And wow, unlocked multiplier CPU...that's gotta cost some $$$. Do you have access to the FSB in the BIOS?

    That's pretty much top end laptop stuff there, enjoy! I like the 200GB 7200 drives, those will take care of the big laptop bottleneck for sure, great transfer and access times.

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    This is a pre-configured Gateway laptop that is on order:

    It is only a 17" screen, but I have two 19" monitors that I'll run my triple display with. And I have a DVI to HDMI cable so I can run it on a 46" 1080p LCD if needed.

    It's about double the $1500 I was going to spend, but they found some money at work for a project I'm involved in. So I get a lot better computer for free.

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    Holly cow, that is one powerful laptop, i had no idea! awesome, but now I can see once I looked at the price hah wowwsa!
    should be fun!

    I have an Dell Insprion, its only duo 1.83/2 gigs ddr/140 gig harddrive/crap graphics card/sound blaster audigty/dvd cd-writer/15.4" and it was around 800

    But I love it, its not huge, and I can take it to class, i only use it to take notes and programming. But if i'm gaming, I have to be doing it on a desktop with a 22" display!
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