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Thread: MacSpeech Dictate

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    MacSpeech Dictate Version 1.2 Quick Look At Whats New

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    Hey Chaz,

    Thanks for your review of the mac dictate.

    I'm a mac user (at home) and a pc user (at work) and need to get speech recognition software. (I have Transverse Myelitis (C3-T4)). My difficulties with using my computer are tremors, spasms, weakness, pain, and intermittent speech/cognition problems.

    Any recommendations?


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    hi Melanie, the software works works well??? if you are in a quiet environment and have one of their "MacSpeech certified microphones".

    I have spasms, weakness, and pain as well and the software is so so. I find that I often have to create new profiles every few weeks. It is my hypothesis that a lot of the background noise from a nearby street, barking dogs, ambient music contributes to its recognition inaccuracy. Also, I have to use a lot of borderline medical terms for graduate work in psychology, so I'm having to import more documents than the common vocabulary.

    Thoughts on the new version:
    -- it has a correction menu, which I find works *only* when I click the icon for it.
    -- you need to be able to use your hands or some part of a hand or instrument to correct many of its mistakes
    -- it's nowhere near Dragon 10
    -- editing from voice can be tedious
    -- it likes to do random things with text
    -- definitely some random bugs
    -- and on....
    if you have any specific questions feel free to ask me.

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    I have used both Dragon and Macspeech. The difference is astounding. Correcting and editing in Dictate are neary impossible. In Dragon correction and editing work very well. I keep a PC just for using Dragon. I am a writer. I also have a rare brain disease that has rendered me a hemiplegic. I have little use of my left hand. My typing days are finished.

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