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Thread: $45K in student loans forgiven--free at last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonita
    I am wondering about this as well. All my loans are pre-injury. I am going back to school with the help of Voc Rehab and KPERS disability. I haven't tried this because I do hope to work again someday...
    Same here.
    C5 injury with partial C6 function on left.

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    There is a three year conditional period during which you cannot work because the loan cancellation would be cancelled and you would owe the amount again. Some rules will change next year in July 2009. Like limiting how much of your income can be demanded for loan payment (15% of any amount you make over 150% of the poverty level for your state ) and any loans over twenty five years old can be cancelled and all kinds of changes making it easier to live with student loans. Research income based student loan repayment reform at There is even a calculator function on the website, plus info on individual state poverty levels.
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