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Thread: New member's question

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    Smile New member's question

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself: I am 24 years old and I am from the Switzerland. I am T4 as a result of car crash in 2006. I hope I will find here some friends, especially English speaking because I would like to practice English - I am also going to visit Québec and stay for some time (it's more on the French side, but it's free (I will be living at my uncle's). I hope I will make my English speaking better. And it's the reason why I am writing and why I have registered: I am going by plane but I have never flown in my life up to now (I traveled just by trains and buses around Europe). I am getting nervous bc I don't know what to expect. What do you think I should be prepared for? Thanks for your answers! Isabelle.
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    Your English seems to be better than some that actually live here in the US of A. Be careful of what you put in your luggage. They got like regulations and whatnot. Flying is not so scary unless the plane is about to crash. Have fun in Québec. Visit me if you wish! Although I don't live in Canada, I just thought I would throw that in there.

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    Welcome to Care Cure! I have flown many times and it is pretty easy. They will put you in a narrow chair that fits through the aisles of the plane to bring you onto the plane and to your seat. Your wheelchair will go in baggage. It is a good idea to take anything "loose" off of it so that they can't misplace it on you. Things like removable sideguards and cushions, and I always put a strap connecting my two foot pedals so that they stay together. When you arrive at your destination they will bring your wheelchair to the jetway and you will go from the narrow transfer chair back into your own chair and on your way. I always carry a large backpack as my carryon so that I can have whatever I need (snack, book, meds) at my disposal. I would love to go to Switzerland someday!

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    Sounds like you are very excited. Welcome to a group. of amazingly caring and helpful people.


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    I haven't travelled by plane since my injury but I've heard many times to use your chair cushion in the plane. You certainly don't want to start your adventure with a pressure sore!
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    I would suggest lookinig at our Recreation forum for many previous posts about flying, including detailed recommendations to help make your flight both safe and productive.


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    You can talk to me if you like. I am a girl/ women, 25 years old. t2- t3 injured in a crash in 2006. I also hope i will find here some friends.
    I look forward to reading the forum and keeping up to date

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    The only problem I can see is the luggage if you are travelling alone. You need someone to carry the luggage for you from the taxi and till the place you leave your luggage in the airport.

    I do not know how stright the rules in Switzerland are, but in Norway it is forbidden for the taxidriver to help you to carry. Even if you want to pay extra.

    But I was allowed to use my chair inside to the first seat in the plane and the internationale rules is that those seats in front are for the disable people. And I got my chair back again after the others passangers had left.

    The funny thing when I used the plane to Turkey in the fall, they brought me down from the plane with the same lift as the luggage and I came inside in the airport one very different way than the rest of the people and they let me through everything, no passport controll, no controll of me or my things.
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    I use a backpack, hang it from the push bars on the back of my chair. I check it like any other luggage. It works great, I just pack light. I've even used this method for a scuba trip to Mexico, with all the gear that entails. (Err, I didn't take my scuba tanks!)

    For such a long flight, make sure you have your wheelchair cushion on board with you. That could spare you a pressure sore.

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    Woman, it is not an international rule that the first rule has to be saved for people with disabilities. Many do try to get these bulkhead seats, but in the USA only those who cannot bend their knees or are traveling with an assistance animal are entitled to them. They are usually booked by people with children in my experience. We sometimes can get bumped to first class if it is not full.

    When traveling, at least in the USA, there are SkyCaps (porters) at the airport that will take your luggage (and you) from the curb to the luggage check, through security and to your gate. They can't require a tip, but we always give them one.


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