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Thread: Can muscle 'twitching' be related to spine/spinal cord? What about 'buzzing'?

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    I would like to focus for a moment on just 2 symptoms that are fairly new & bothering me quite a bit. My hope is that someone here can help me figure out if I should see an Orthopedic or a Neurologist.(leave out the surgeons for now) Or is it more likely that both of these symptoms can be caused equally by spine or neuro issues? Symptoms of most concern right now: Twitching & Buzzing
    Based solely on these two symptoms, without taking into consideration any past history (per previous post), where do you think I should start????

    Thank You...

    If you want/need more detail read on:

    I have had muscle twitches since early January '08. At first it was just an occasional twitch. Now, it is very frequent. Probably an average of 10-15 times an hour, all times of the day. It affects all muscles, from head to toe. Lips, chin, eye lids, above ear, neck, arms, fingers, abdomen, chest, back, legs, knees, ankles, toes. You name it, it twitches. A few muscles seem to twitch more often. The twitching happens when I am sitting, laying or even walking/moving. I believe it happens when I sleep also because I have awakened to twitching. Sometimes it is one muscle twitch, other times it is a series of twitches within the same muscle. The twitches jump around from one muscle to another, with seconds-minutes in between. And then there are times when I don't 'notice' anything at all. I have seen the twitching happening when it was on my arm and a few times on my legs/thighs when I was sitting & wearing shorts.

    Buzzing(?): If you purse your mouth and make a loud, forceful "zzzz" or "Buuzzz" sound like a bumble bee would...but take out the sound and focus on the vibration/buzz sensation only..that is what I am trying to describe. It happens in my spine when I bend forward, as if to tie my shoes or get something off a bottom shelf. I can't tell where it starts, but it is definitely in my spine. I instinctively recoil & get out of the position when it happens. I have also felt something similar to this buzzing/vibrating in various extremities.
    I have twitching also. How do I find the response to your question? I am new to this site so need to be educated. Do not know how to post either.

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    Usually My legs twitch and my hands/ fingers and when I try to sleep My pinkies twitch driving me nuts
    my Dad said I would buzz my teeth I couldnt tell at first being I am numb

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    I'm in Tacoma, too...

    playeron24's : Try Dr Michael Martin here in Tacoma. If he doesn't assist you, there's alsways the UofW in Seattle. Dr Martin or one of his associates should be able to help you. Also try the pain clinic at St. Joe's - Dr. Elizabeth Cook is cool or Dianne Avey. You can find them by googling them.
    Sorry, seekinganswers, I can't think of any advise, I only have the twitching in my leg.
    Good Luck!!!
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