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Thread: TYPING (& other 'Q' HAND functional uses/tools)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin
    JGNI, that's a helluva grip on your cutlery!
    Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)

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    mimi, that bone you show is a lot like mine too! It sticks out, but i haven't tried using it functionally. Thanks for the ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JGNI
    umm... yea... I bet.

    btw. pics ARE always a helpful supplement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronykc
    Wow chick the grip on your right hand looks really good. can u hold a pen n write or sign your name with it? or do ya have to wear a writing splint or somethin? any ideas on writing for quads?
    I can write and sign just holding a pen thru fingers, but not use pen that way for writing anything more than signing or short/quick notes. I like the control of a wanchek (sp?) for more extensive writing and for control of writing small/detailed. I'll try to give a writing sample, as JGNI did, later.

    You can also see mimins post/pics for some ideas.

    mimins, cool. I remember working with an OT to try making some writing tool to hold pen as "naturally" as possible or as I used to hold a pen to write. I didn't feel comfortable using any of the adaptive aids and wanted to feel the pen as tightly in my hand as possible to feel some control of it. But, as your curly-cue thing didn't get much use, mine didn't either. And, for writing, I eventually felt most control/function with the wanchek. It was fun being creative and working out ideas with the OT though.

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    I am new here and have been reading until I think I am getting pressure sores from sitting too long. I am a C4-5-6-7-T1-2 Incomplete with no idea what so ever what is going on in my body. My doctor does not no much either, only that I have a SCI. I can walk, but am loosing use of my arms at a rapid rate. I can type but not for very long.

    After reading your post I now know why at night I sleep with my hands all curled up. When I set I have my hands all curled up. It is uncomfortable to straiten them out and I did not even know it until just now!

    I was not this bad and was badgered into going to a chiropracter for treatments for the back pain. When my MRI results came back that I had so much wrong in my neck I wanted to stop the chiropractic treatments but the chiropracter threw a fit and I gave in and continued the treatments (which consisted of him twisting my neck). My conditions rapidly went downhill and has not gotten any better since I stopped the treatments two months ago. I would think a chiropracter would have known not to have treated someone with so much damage in the neck!!??

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    On the subject of "natural holding" of the pen. I don't find it to be working well. It looks to me that the only way to achieve good control is to always keep the wrist in full extension for the best stability of that articulation (I am talking about people who like me don't have the use of their flexors obviously). Holding the pen "naturally" implies that the wrist is not in full extension, thus the decreased stability. Add to that the fact that in my case I have 2 carbon copies under the original of the prescriptions I have to write on and you need to press quite hard to get through, good stability is then essential.

    P.S. Just noticed it is my 666 posts, scary ...
    Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)

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    Hey MIMI those pics r great! I had those curly wirly things made 4 me at rehab too but like JGNI i dont have wrist flexors which makes pressing on e piece of paper difficult so i ditched em.

    whats a wanchek???

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    i use a pilot pen so no need to press down

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    ABOVE: writing with Wanchik. I have more control and stability in my wrist, and can write rather fast (and can actually write much more legibly than the sample above, when needed). I use an extra small, and the part wrapping around palm can be adjusted by squeezing/bending it. I prefer to have it on pretty tightly. I also broke off the index finger holder (can be seen in linked webpage). Position and angle of my hand is much more relaxed, while still in control. *compare this with hand/arm position and wrist angle below.

    ABOVE: writing with pen just weaved thru fingers - similar to typing. Pen hold and control is weaker and not as stable this way, compared to above, but can still write. As I mentioned, I don't prefer this for long writing, or when needing to write detailed or small font. As you can see the position of my hands and wrist, it forces my wrist back in full extension, which also makes my forearm supinate (rotate out/palm up) more. This is not a very comfortable position to be in for an extended period, and causes wrist to become strained (especially inner/thumb side of wrist). Wrist in full extension helps with some control, but due to the hyper-extension and supination, it is not very comfortable and becomes painful/aches (being in forced contraction).

    Although wrist is in full extension when I type, it doesn't supinate as much as when I try to write, the same way holding pen. Elbow can extend farther out to counter, and help w/stability and control, thus less pain. Plus, punching keys doesn't require as much fine control as in writing.
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    Thx Chick, very helpful! Can you pronate your arm?

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