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Thread: TYPING (& other 'Q' HAND functional uses/tools)

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    TYPING (& other 'Q' HAND functional uses/tools)

    Timaru was interested in my typing, so I thought I'd start a new thread combining a couple of pics I had previously posted. There have been other threads on typing tools, but I thought it might be helpful to have a thread for any tricks or tools quads have for their ADL's or other - specially hand function/use.

    *Please add your ideas and any Quad Hand Tricks and Tools you have*

    TYPING (below pic):
    I type punching one letter at a time, using a stick made from a toothbrush.
    I prefer this than the standard adaptive typing stick, because it is more secure and I have greater control (but this may differ greatly depending on one's hand tightness/flaccidity). I used to use markers (see top pic below) but the tip would usually be too wide, causing more errors, but I liked the thickness of the markers due to it staying more securely in between fingers (had used various markers/pens/pencils/lipgloss, etc).

    I then started to use the end of a toothbrush - specifically 'Oral-B' since it has a thick rubbery handle, that aids in holding the handle very securely btwn fingers. I can hit pretty hard and the brush not move, whereas other thinner/smoother handles would move. No finger control; passive function.

    Problem: No wrist flexion, so wrist extends back and remains in tight extension, almost hyper ext. Wrist extended/locked back helps in typing, but can quickly become strained and weakened, causing pain and/or numbness esp. if typing for extended periods. Right wrist/arm tends to want to supinate, w/hand flopping back. Wrist support can help. If anyone has similar issues, take care not to over-stress and watch for long-term wear/tear.

    Cutting off the brush head and melting the tip smooths edges and rounds the end off.
    **warning: melts and burns quickly**
    The narrow tapered tip helps to hit keys fairly accurately.

    As seen in top pic, I weave a steak knife similarly thru my fist.
    I prefer to keep fingers curled under, to help keep tone as much as possible.
    More knife pics in FOOD forum 'Quad food tips'.
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