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Thread: TYPING (& other 'Q' HAND functional uses/tools)

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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    my ot's made a set of these 20 yrs ago, most comfortable things i've ever used as a quad
    I like how they are very compact and snug on your hand. Many tools seem too long, much longer than necessary, thus less stable and secured onto hand. I think they might also be of more benefit for those whose hands more readily turn thumb up - rather than requiring those hands to use tools w/palm face down, which can demand more from the arm in that position, as elbow raises up and more pecs try to innervate for you maintain position and move arm, which can put a lot of stress on the arm, neck, and shoulder when typing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katilea View Post
    how do i add pics on here? if i click on the picture icon it asks for URL of pic?.
    Try CapnGimp's link and suggestions. He's always very helpful with computer stuff (and most everything else!).

    I was wondering, do you have a picture viewer on your computer, that allows you to open up and view your pictures? Many have an image resize function, which allows you to quickly resize your photo and 'save as...' (make sure you 'save as' if you want to keep orig.)

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    Any tips for putting a usb cable into a laptop?

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    I use a clothespin, mimin. I just snap it on the plug. It adds a little bulk for holding, I don't have any grip.

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    I don't use anything to do it but it helps to bring the laptop edge close to the edge of the surface it's on, meaning that your hand can then move freely (not having the surface to block it) and you can aim much more easily.
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    Thanks....another question:

    how do you make a reacher out of a hanger?

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    Here is a quick picture of how I use a coat hanger for a reacher. Get someone to straighten out most of the hanger but form a hoop a bit bigger than your forearm bent at 90 degrees from the long part of the hanger. I put some tape around where the red part is marked to hold it together better. Put your arm through the hoop and the long part of the reacher through your fingers to hold it steady. Experiment with the best angle to have the hook. Usually parallel to the floor when held like in the right picture will be best.

    Not as useful as my quad reacher or telestik but cheap and easy to make and quick to use. I keep a few around the house, basement, garage etc. so I don't have to get my main reachers if I drop something and they are at the other end of the house.

    Also works well with a gift bag for objects you can't hook. Throw an open paper gift bag on the floor, push the thing you want to pick up into the bag with the reacher and then pick up the bag by the handles with the reacher. Then say "Screw you paralysis. I picked it up anyway."

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    Excellent drawings, and you made me laugh. Thx!

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    No problem. I have to admit that I was quite happy with how they came out. Before I tried to draw them I thought to myself "Is this just going to be an exercise in frustration for me?" But I was able to keep fairly steady hand and whip them off pretty quick.

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    wow jeff you're more creative than I! I just stretch mine a little. Last week I used one to pick up a plum I had dropped on the floor, don't worry I didn't eat it
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    One thing I still can't do is pour boiled water to make tea, or pour from a hot coffee pot into a mug.

    Any solutions for quad hands to achieve that?
    Phil C6
    "If you can't explain it to me in less than 10 seconds, it's probably not worth knowing anyway..." - Calvin

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