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Thread: Disability question

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    Disability question

    When I was still in the hospital in a coma my mother signed me up and got me on disability. This was 6 years ago. This past December disability sent me some paperwork in the mail and said it was time they re evaluated me.
    I filled that paperwork out and a couple weeks ago I got more paperwork. I filled that out and now they sent me an appointment to one of their doctors for an exam.
    This is all making me nervous. Do they do this with everyone?

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    I don't know your disability and I assume the"disability" you refer to is Social Security Disability (SSDI). If you are paralyzed as a result of an SCI and unemployed you should remain eligible. I think in order to satsfy bureacratic requirements they do this paperwork at intervals.

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    State disability?

    Social Security disability?

    Private disability insurance?

    I assume that since you say you were in a coma that you have a TBI, in addition to your SCI. Since most people get significant return of cognitive and motor function after TBI, it is common to have to re-examined periodically to determine if you are still too disabled to be employed. With SCI, generally people don't get a change in their paralysis after the first year or so, and there is a presumption of continued disability (but not always). In addition, since you have had excellent return from your SCI, there appears to be a question as to the extent of your disability and how much it would interfere with you returning to work. This is the criteria for eligibility for most disability programs.


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    I think this is a more recent policy of all government and insurance. They put you off for 18 -24 month then keep re-evalauating.

    It is common but not universal. I get the reviews every so often but I've got a regular doctor and little has changed in 30 years. I've not had to go to a 3rd party doctor.

    Just more papers.

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