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Thread: paralyzed bedridden need financial help

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    paralyzed bedridden need financial help

    i became paralyzed in January. i am bedridden. i have no family to take care of me. i am paying caregivers. my money will soon run out. i do not seem to qualify for ss type benefits due to set of cirumstances. i am going to probably lose my home and end up in nursing facility. can someone help, please, email me privately if you would talk with me about what i might can do. hard for me to type and give details

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    Have you applied for both SSI and SSDI? if you've been working then you should qualify for SSDI as it's based on your time worked and disability, it's not income/asset based like SSI is. What level SCI do you have? was it work related? if so talk to your worker's comp case-worker.

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    You may get more answers and get more thoughts about what you may and may not qualify for by providing more info here. Think about it this way. Instead of answering each message individually via email, you can answer it once here and you'll possibly get more ideas which may help you.

    Are you paralyzed from an SCI or a stroke or ???

    According to your profile you are on short term disability. Will you also get long term if you are unable to return to work?

    You said you thought you might lose your home. If you can see that coming, is it possible to sell it before it happens? If so, you could use the proceeds to help pay for the care you'll need or to move into an accessible apartment.

    There may be options for you other than a nursing home, but it would be helpful to have more info here. Many people have limited time to respond to posts or it is physically difficult to respond and some (like me) may not respond to a request from a new poster asking for direct contact one on one via email.

    Tell us what's happening so you may get ideas of what may or may not be available.

    I wish you the best.

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    You have been paralyzed just over a month and are already home? No rehab? No health insurance? What was the cause of your paralysis? If you have a SCI, why don't you know the level of your injury? Why are you bedridden? No wheelchair? Don't know how to transfer? Have a pressure ulcer?

    Were you paying into Social Security recently? Within the last few years? Do you have 40 quarters of SS payment? Have you worked with a social worker who knows about disability benefits? Have you been in contact with your closest ILC (independent living center)?


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