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Thread: I am a medical mystery . . .

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    a mystery you are

    Wow, you have been through so much the last year and it really is awful when we cant understand where the pain and suffering is coming from. I have been using a naturopath and nutritionist who looks at your blood and finds the reason why your symptoms happened. Unlike most doctors they want to treat the reason why you got the blood clots, only by helping our bodies heal themselves can we be cured. Don't give up your answer is out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SARAH B
    I Have decided to try a new pain doctor and to be reevaluated for the baclofen pump. I am still not home with my daughter and boyfriend and it will be a year out of the hospital on April 1st!!!
    I cannot deal with all these meds any longer, my wheelchair is still not right, (comfortable), and I have decided that I do want to live. It's just a matter of how I am going to do it!!!!!
    This is good to read! Let us know what happens with the new doctor, and the pump.
    Uh, not having a comfortable chair - many here can sympathise. You'll feel much better, physically and moodwise when you have a chair that's perfect. Good luck!

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    So many people, just do not understand what it's like spending so much time and energy on the cure that you've got nothing left on the heal part. There is definitely nothing else in my area that can help me. It's time to be getting on with my life - no more laying around worrying and making myself sick all the time.
    It's getting to the point where I'm no fun anymore . . .I am sorry!!!!!!!

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