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Thread: HELP!!! Thoracic Focal Kyphosis, Spinal Stenosis, Bad Discs, Neuro symptoms & more

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    WELL SORRY ABOUT THE SECOND POST>>>I GOT AN ERROR MESSAGE THE FIRST TIME AROUND! So I LOGGED OUT And back in again and reposted...then read the post...HA!!

    I am taking meds to stop the nervs from acting up. I take pain meds and I take anti spas meds. Next I guess I have to get stronger pain meds.

    I want to go to see a spinal injury center in Baltimore once the MS tests come back.

    GOD BLEss


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    Hi! I was noticing that your injured verts are the same exact as mine. I waited too long to get help and am now suffering madly for it. It is frustrating isnt it?
    I doubt you have ms either, they tested me for it for years and years...
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    Hi Skippy

    What symptoms did you have that it took so long for them to diagnose you?

    I could never lift anything, and could not use my arms particularly my right arm.

    Just when you think life is gets worse!



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    hey grammy

    I have a long list: first thing i noticed was that i kept having balance problems, my toe would get caught on the carpet and i would fall or almost fall. I had had years of pain radiating down my arms and I thought it was from an accident thatI had at disneyland in 1985. I came home from that trip with tingling in my hands. Then my feet started to go numb. I was tested for everything except for the neck injury that I thought was the problem. It got progressively worse over the years, but i was told more or less to just live with it. My doctor thought I had MS, but did nothing for it. I was constantly going in for some new deficit or another, and she never did anything for me except give me pain pills. Never looking for the source of the pain. She said i had fibromyalgia and all of this other junk diagnoses etc...any way...In July of 2006 I had a very bad fall and did something to my neck that made everything worse. It took me six months just to get my rotten dr to give me a referral to a neurologist. They ignored my requests for a referral until I threatened to go over their heads. Then they agreed to the referral, but kept losing the paperwork, or transferring me into voice mail hell. By the time I got there, I had lost most of the muscle in my hands, they are really badly atrophied I can barely walk and have very little control of the bowel. I am pretty much housebound. I cant take a chance of having another fall and doing even more damage to the area in my neck. I am a walking quad. I cant do the simplest things like dress myself open cans or grasp anything. This is a nightmare. I have more surgeries to go. I started by getting just one (c5/6) fusion and have the rest yet to do from c4 to t2. I was hoping to start small and work my way up Next is the thumb joint I destroyed in one of the many falls. have to have that repaired so maybe I can use it. Life is hard without opposeable thumbs
    The worst part of all of this is not being able to take photographs anymore. I used to do quite a lot of photography, and now cant lift the nikon. I miss it. How are you doing today?
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Gee you sound like me too. Although my arms arn't as bad. My pain doctor is working at tryng to keep me mobile until we really get to the bottom of it all. It might just take time you know. My problem is tetany, numbness in the arms, and muscle spasms in the upper torso and heart arrythmias. I saw him yesterday and with a very tentative dx of RSD (still not 100% sure about this one, although he said if its not RSD now, it certainly could turn into it) he is researching a different beta blocker because I continue to have breakthrough pain episodes. He is sure there's one that works better on the sympathetic system. The beta blockers help me with the pain as well, Inderal is what I'm on now, you might check into that one. It has a lot to do with stress from pain, and I'll take one or two of those before I get into the vicadin....most of the time. I also had rotation involved with my whiplash njury, which of course makes it worse. Course since it's worse than the usual, and it hurts more, doctors are disbeleiving of the pain you have.

    I would talk to your doctors also about your calcium and magnesium levels, and B12, look at your diet and see if there's room for improvement. But most of all, research and discuss the sympathetic nervous system, as this can take a bad hit in the cervical area, and yes, your feet can be tingling from a cervical strain. Think blood chemistry imbalance, hyperventilating, and and the fact you are sitting way too much and perhaps irritating nerves going to your feet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grammy73
    I was so happy to come on to your post! You have described my condition almost to a TTT! I was very athletic, busy all the time, then was in an accident and instantly my life was changed. The doctors just told my I had severe whiplash and would be fine in a couple of weeks. Weeks went by my condition was only worse, couldn't even hold a baby, they only did a mri of my T-Spine because that is where it was hurting. They said nothing was wrong I probably just had soft tisure damage and it would take months to heal. My condition got worse. I couldn't wash dishes, sit in a chair with out proping up my arms, couldn't even knit or crochet. After 8 months another dr ordered a complete MRI and found my cervical spine contained stenosis, bulging disks and spurs at c-4,5,6,7 T-1,2.

    It has been a yr + since my accident. I was sitting in the back seat and turned around to see who was going to hit us just at the same time we got hit. The seat belt jerked me around and corkscrewed my whole body.

    I have put on soo much weight but from taking soo much pain medication trying to live and keep on doing things. I am being tested for MS now as my condition has gotten to the point of total weakness. I dreamed of riding my horse this April...maybe one last ride!

    Anyway I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I live in W.Maryland, and SCI is an unknown black hole.



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    wow that's alot

    I have cubital and tarsal tunnel syndrome that cause tingling and burning in my hands and feet. I also have had arthritis since I was 40. My husband has spinal cord injury and does lyrica, amitryptilin, and morphine with an antineausea tablet. He's had numerous surgeries and therapies with no real relief. The spine is a delicate thing and MRI and CT may not show everything because when they are done you are lying down. If we could perform these tests standing up, the protrusion from the disc would show clearer. Our oldest daughter is 28 and has Facets disease, arthritus and possibly lupus. She and my husband both have tested negative for MS. We've done numerous tests for many things to find answers for our pain. Docs do the best they can but sometimes they really don't know. Sounds like your doc is trying to save you some money. I suggest you try the different pain meds out there, see a pain management doc, stop dancing and find an alternative exercise like tia chi or beginners yoga. Learn to destress and laugh at your pain. A sense of humor at how your body doesn't work saved my husband from suicide. Some stiffness comes with age and the mind fog could be the beginnings of perimenopause. good luck. karen

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    Your symptoms do sound alot like mine! I had such horrible pains radiating down my arm at one time I wanted to hack it off! Ha! Since finding the spinal proplem I am now on Topamax which helps a lot. My proplems were only the severe pain down my arm, numbness, clumsiness, stiff neck and inability to breath normally. Then I started going to a chiropracter and got adjusted...before I had a MRI done to find the spinal problems. I began getting muscle spasms, lost feeling of my bowls and bladder, and finally had to guit working. I did quit going to the chiropractor and my condition did level off but so far I have not regained all that I had lost. I can barely drive. Self care is hit and miss, only because I am an old fart that is strong willed to live BY MY SELF God willing!

    God Bless!
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    You mention diet...I am very up on vitamins and watch my diet, but they say that my bone is growing at an alarming rate, could I be taking in too much calcium? I thought being older I needed extra calcium for my body to heal, but maybe I am eating too much cheese, yogurt and dairy products.

    My drs thought since I was working and so mobile that I could not possibly be as bad as I was letting on and it had to be muscular and wanted me to do session and I had chest pains, weakness and was unable to eat for a week! That is when I gave in to the chiropractor...big mistake!

    I have lived by myself for a long time and live a very rugged life style most men could not handle. When I have pain I usually just try to work it out...well this pain only got worse.

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    I don't quite know what cutital and tarsal tunnel syndrome is, but I get burning/tingling in my toes,feet,heel that drives me crazey. It is from my L4/5 stenosis that needs surgery too.
    What you said about having a MRI standing up is sure true. I had a mye...something or other where they put dye in your spine and take xrays and ct scan of your spine to see where or there is spinal compression. Well when you lie down there is no compression...duh! Anyway they had me on the table to check my neck I went into a massive muscle spasm and could not move my right side for a couple of minutes (until I shifted my head) Yet the test showed there was no compression.

    Pain management is the only way to go, I have a wonderful dr that I go to they are all wonderful and go way out to help me.

    God Bless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmarie225
    ...The spine is a delicate thing and MRI and CT may not show everything because when they are done you are lying down. If we could perform these tests standing up, the protrusion from the disc would show clearer. ...
    Karen, they do have upright MRIs now, and it did a much better job showing my herniated discs. Yhey also allow flexion/extension views. Seaarch on "stand-up MRI" or "open MRI" or call regular MRI places and see if they can refer. I know one on Brooklyn (Stand-up MRI) and one in North Jersey (Dynamic Medical Imaging). I think a manufacturer might be Fonar; if you find their site they'll tell you locatioins.

    Good luck to all fighting the doctor wars. iN MY EXPERIENCE, THE REGULAR COMMUNITY DOCTORS, INCLUDING PLAIN NEUROLOGISTS IN BIG TEACHING HOSPITALS, DON'T know much about the mechanical spine, or don't want to address it rather than just diagnose you with useless diseases. I would recommend a neurosurgeon or SCI specialist before you definitively rule out mechanical injury.

    And be careful if you do a positional film. I wanted so much to see the cause of my positional problems that I bent to extreme trying to replicate them, and further damaged my cord. Still didn’t see any impingement, but I guess stretching or fluid pressure on a fragile cord can be damaging
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