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Thread: Std. size of transfer board, please

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    Std. size of transfer board, please

    Any one who knows may please let me know the standard size of a transfer board like its width, length and thickness(and rate of change of thickness if any, indicating tapering of thickness parallel to length). Thnx.

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    I assume you are planning to make your own (or have one made)? There is no real standard size. Many people own several of different types and sizes for different uses. We use a lot from this company, which may give you some ideas.

    Light weight and strength are both important in your choice of materials, and I guess it needs to go without saying that they need to be finished in a way that assures there are no splinters!


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    Thank You!

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    I have two, which I believe are made of maple. Both are 8" wide, and one is 24" long for shorter transfers, the other one is 30" long.

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