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Thread: cushion for auto and airplane?

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    cushion for auto and airplane?

    Hi. I am a male 6'6" and 180 lbs. I have a Jay 2 cushion on my manual
    wheelchair but need a cushion for any car I want to ride in. Since I lost
    alot of muscle mass in my behind and it feels like I am sitting directly on my
    "sit bones" when riding in a regular car seat, a cushion is a must for me.
    Any suggestions on a cushion for this keeping in mind I am so tall and I
    don't want my head to hit the ceiling. I've noticed the Roho Mini-Max and
    the Low Profile cushions. Also, suggestions on one for airplane trips.
    Thanks much. Derek

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    Search is cool...

    Scroll down a little and check here first.

    If no good info...give us more info re: your state of being. (physically, of course, I'm not so sure it matters if your crra zzzzyy)



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    I use a Jay Extreme for use in this type of situations. The Extreme is only a little over 2" tall and has a gel pocket at the back. My bony behind sinks most of the way into the gel. I would estimate it adds about an inch to my sitting height over no cushion. The Extreme has also been quite durable. I normally sit on a ROHO Quadtro because of my bony behind. However, the ROHO stuff is a real hassle when you start changing altitude. If I was told correctly most airplanes are pressurized at the equivalent of 7000' altitude. I live at about 300' and my quadtro looks like a blown up toad when the airplane is pressurized. If you let the air out the cushion is flat when you land. I always carry a pump and adjust often when flying. I find the ROHO cushions to be VERY fragile. One spark will cost you a $60 cover. One loose staple will make a hole.


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