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Thread: Oxycontin and upcoming surgery

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    Oh, I didn't read the date - glad you're not facing that surgery NOW, arndog! Thanks for pointing this out, cljanney.

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    I am on higher doses than you and when I had shoulder surgery I was concerned. I worked with the chief of anesthesia and my doctors in advance because AD was a real issue.

    I took some of the following steps
    * had a nerve block as part of the surgical procedure
    * used IV pain medication for the first 24 hrs combined with oral medications
    * used visteral to potentiate the pain meds (oral) for 1 week
    * took taper does of steroids for inflammation
    * used Motrin 800 mg in combination for bone and joint pain
    * slightly increased by oxycontin and significantly increased my PRN

    By doing this I found that advance preparation and excellent pain management kept the pain from becoming uncontrollable. Because it was kept incheck in the early days my need for increase meds was slight and I tapered back to pre-surgery level in aprox 45 days.

    Good luck Arndog. Ask someone to keep us posted, okay?
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    Damn, well hopefully the steps I took will help others. A spammer must have dug up the old post.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Don't answer if private, but during your spine surgeries, did they use bone morphogenetic protein?

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    i always need more pain eds when they cut me, allegedly you pain threshold decreases when long term pain or opiates, it may be true, why suffer any more, next week you will need that dose anyhow
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    btw , 3 years laTER, WHAT DO YOU THINK//// I THINK IT IS A GOOD TIME FRAME for surgical outcomes
    cauda equina

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    Jon, if you're willing to share, I'm curious about the answer to dej's question, too.
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    Hi Dej and THC. It is strange to see a thread resurrected by .... a spammer? It is a bit trippy to read this because the past 9 years post SCI have been one surgery after another.
    I am just recovering from major abdominal surgery with intestinal obstruction with an incision from the pubis to the xyphoid.... Why don't they just install some velcro??

    Interestingly, I am experiencing the issue of chronic pain with the overlay of acute abdominal pain , acute surgical pain, and opiate management. The whole thing has been almost more than I can handle but not quite.

    Surgery was May 12th so I have 1.5 months of recovery under my belt. I must have lost 30% muscle mass. Tough to build it back up and return to where I was.

    Dejerine - I believe I do have that morphogenic powder in the titanium cages when they went anteriorly for the 2nd stage of the 2 stage posterior and anterior fusion.

    Metroguy - It seems to have healed well. I am very glad I had it done. I am fused solidly like a rock.

    What makes you ask, Dej?

    THC - I am so glad that you are back posting...

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    Dej, dog, thc, sent pms

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