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Thread: Speakers for a Home Theater

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    Speakers for a Home Theater

    Do anyone know of some good ones?

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    Depends on how much money you have to some cases, literally!

    But any sound system is only as good as its weakest link, and speakers make more difference per dollar spent than any other component in question. Now me personally, I had a pair of Paradigm Titan bookshelf speakers several years ago that I paid only $125 for (on sale), and they were fantastic. If money hadn't been an issue I would more than likely have gotten a set of larger Paradigms....Monitor 5 or 7's. Anyways, they by and large seemed very reasonably priced and of extremely high quality, both in terms of workmanship and sound. There's lots of other brands (B&W has a fantastic rep, but even their least costly speakers are a small fortune, I'm sure) out there tho


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    Do you have any components already? If so, what. What are the dimensions of the room? What is your budget?

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    you can get a bose system for 1k bux at circut city but you'll still have to buy a reciever and cables/wires. I got the klipsch 7.1 and a onkyo reciever with 12g wire. It's not as good as bose, but still pretty damn awesome at about $500 less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADPRODUCER
    Do anyone know of some good ones?
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    When it comes to home theater sound, a lot of it depends on the listener's preferences. If you have some cash to sink into it, check out this website.

    Make sure you can get out and listen to some of these speakers for yourself, but keep in mind they will probably not sound as good in your home as they do in the showrooms. Unfortunately for me the floors of my house are mostly hard surfaces. Furniture, drapes, and wall coverings can help dampen the sound.

    In the living room I have some large Klipsch Synergy Series speakers I paid quite a bit for back in 1999. In the bedroom I have some Boston Acoustic corner mount speakers I picked up a year ago and the Klipsch subwoofer I borrowed from the living room as I'm watching more movies in the bedroom these days. At some point I'll be in the market for another subwoofer.

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    Like others have said it depends on how much you want to spend. I have JBL 5.1 hooked to a Yamaha receiver. Cost a nice penny but sound good. You can definitley do it cheaper.

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    Avsforum is definitely a good site for learning about things. There are some "real" audio/videophiles posting there. As others have said, your budget/environment/ears are all things that need paying attention to.

    I have a Denon receiver feeding MB Quart 5.1 speakers(a Klipsch SW). You definitely gotta go listen to whatever speakers you consider. They are the last step before your ears and can make or break an otherwise good setup.
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    I have older kenwood reciever. But im going new..
    FO-- It will be for my place.. Not sure.. I will look and listen around at stores..

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