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Thread: Anyone live in a loft-style condo?

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    Anyone live in a loft-style condo?

    I'm looking to buy in Victoria by May and a lot of the places that appeal to me are loft-style. Has anyone ever bought a loft-style condo? How do you get around it? I realize it's not very practical, but they are oh-so-nice!

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    But aren't the bedrooms always in the loft part, with stairs?

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    I think Kiran is talking about a classic loft apt. such as you might see in the movies in NYC. It is usually upstairs (up an elevator, classically a freight elevator) and is one large room, often formerly a warehouse. If you need walls between "rooms" for privacy, you add them yourself. Most are not two story.

    In my community, they are all the rage and many developers are building new ones (not just converting old warehouses) above businesses in the downtown and other urban areas.

    I think they are cool, and can be very accessible as long as you can get to the front door. Downside is usually no yard, unless you are lucky to have one with a terrace. Remember the one that Denzel's character lived in in the Bone Collector (although with way too much medical equipment)? Here is an example of a fairly typical loft (unfinished) apartment:


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    Ayup, that's what I was thinking of too. Freight elevator, open floor plan, no walls. In the movie Running Scared back in the 80's the main character (Crystal) has his police motorcycle parked in the loft. That I wouldn't mind!

    Until a couple years ago there were virtually no lofts whatsoever here, then as downtown became more popular and active, some developers have bought older buildings and converted them to lofts. Very expensive tho!


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    If it has an elevator, how reliable is the power?

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    I think the open floorplan would make getting around pretty easy. The usual concerns about elevators (what to do in case of power outage, whether there was secondary power, generators .... and phone lines, backup phone lines) would apply. I can see how lofts would have a lot of appeal.

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    OH, thanks KLD for illuminating what a loft really meant. I was thinking of one of those small rooms with a staircase leading up to the bedroom slung over the living room. Certainly having no walls would be a plus for me, as it would be fewer things to run into accidentally, or just to get in the way in general. I suppose if you needed privacy for some reason you could always buy one of those folding screens.

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    heating would be more expensive, i assume?

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    I've actually looked at some of these myself. They are currently developing some & the realtor is really accomodating, although she probably has to be to ensure a sale. She, if I decide to buy, wants to make sure that I am able to design everything the way I want in terms of the kitchen and bathrooms. The doorways and thresholds are already ADA approved so that's not a problem. There is the parking garage adjacent and so if I would get one on the level of my parking no elevator would even be needed.

    I don't think it would be a problem to live in one of these unless the elevator access is, like mentioned before, a warehouse style. That would be kinda scary to me I think.

    I love the loft-style and think they're beautiful.
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