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Thread: Take Me Back To The 60's

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    Quote Originally Posted by graybeard about it. Wasnt a big deal to me. 1st grade, I had 2 black kids in my class. So what...they lived right down the road from me. Played sports with them, and shared bikes with each other(whoever had air in their tires that day)...lots of flats from the "off-road" trails.....
    Racism wasn't acknowledged much in my neighbor in the 60's there was only one black family on the block and they lived there for a short time, and only a few in the same school. Two major intersection over was the dominate black neighborhood. I remember asking my mother why and she gave me a bleak answer "that just the way it is".

    I encountered rasism once that hit me rather hard, I had a friend in school that I like very much I asked her over for a visit. When I invited her into the home my mother told me that my father said she couldn't stay and not to invite her over again. I asked why and another bleak answer was given, because he said so. It still bothers me to this day.


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    My town of 7000 had no black people. I first encountered them on a trip to New Orleans in 73. First spoke to one when I moved, in 76. I had no feelings at all about other races, because they were theoretical.

    On the trip to NO, Mom was being all Civil Rights-y, and probably didn't want us feeling privileged. We were at the Fontainebleu, at a State Legislator's Convention. They must have had laundry service but she made little bro and I accompany her to the laundromat. It wasn't in a good part of New Orleans. An elderly black gentleman looked at us and said "Ma'am, please put those children back in your car and go back where you came from. You're not safe here."

    I've heard it was a Klan town I grew up in, in Kansas, but I don't know. My parents weren't involved in Klan stuff, I'm completely sure of that. There are black families there now. Kansas has always been funny racially. They called it Bloody Kansas, during the Civil War.
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    Someone sent me this in a e-mail today. I didn't expect much but was surprised at the images. I am an old geezer so this probably most memorable to baby boomers.

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    I just thought of something, this killer book about this era. You guys know Rusty Reeves, right? He posts here rarely these days, he's a quad from Missisippi that is a year older than me.

    He recently sent me his latest book. He's always been extremely good at invoking that ambiance of an era, for lack of a better word. The smell of mosquito spray and barbecues when you last kick-the-can at twilight, Rusty totally conveys it. His children's characters are perfect, especially teens. His male characters are real strong. I've always thought his only weakness was female characters. But Rusty's grown these past couple of years, and gotten involved with his gf, and his female characters are excellent now too. Rusty's always hit the racial thing on the head anyway...Mississippi in the 60's. The story starts with a lynching.

    I need to put this in the book thread. Dude is perceptive and tells a damned good story. I sucked it down overnight, in a motel room, when I should have been sleeping. Couldn't put it down. His best, by far. It's the closest to his columns, too.

    It's called "Lightning Tree". You'll love it.
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    Here is some more stuff from the 60's. We were just people--families--working, playing, learning, growing.

    silly putty
    Polaroid Swinger camera
    Marx Toys
    Kix cereal charcters: Gzorpe, Zwerdloc, Zilch, Colodny...(colodnies love kix because they're fun to dive into).
    Buster Brown Shoes w/ clicker toy
    PF Fliers
    Red Ball Jets
    Shotgun Slade (TV show - I had the T-shirt too)
    The Hathaways (TV show family with Chimps)
    Zippy Roller Skates

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    Quote Originally Posted by cara_m View Post
    Memories!!! I just got this in an e-mail. It was almost like watching a chick flick. I get so emotional when I'm nostalgic. Hope the link works.
    This link has great music from the 60s! How did this thread die?!?

    The earliest thing I remember about the 60s is that in 1961 you could turn it upside down and it was still 1961. That leaves a lasting impression on nine-year-olds!

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    I never noticed that Terry. It was my birth year...I must be slow on the uptake.
    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    This link has great music from the 60s! How did this thread die?!?

    The earliest thing I remember about the 60s is that in 1961 you could turn it upside down and it was still 1961. That leaves a lasting impression on nine-year-olds!
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