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Thread: Typing Fingers

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    Sorry for the delay. My brother had the material and pattern. Took some reminding to get it all. I got the splint material from Sammons Preston. The link for the splinting material is:

    We were trying to figure out which one in particular we bought. We're pretty sure it's the Basic II. They may ask you what you are. My brother's an EMT, and that was OK when he ordered. I think I said I was an OT when I ordered. They don't ask for any details.

    I also have a .pdf file of the cutting pattern but I don't know how to attach it to this post.


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    Thanks John. I put my e-mail address in your private topics so you could send the pattern.


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    Have you seen the leather typing strap which fastens over your hand with velcro?

    It has a stick in it with a rubber tip to cusion the typing strokes a little.

    It's another home made job, but it works very well.

    If you want me to post a picture, let me know so I can take one of it and I'll show you.

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    I haven't seen the splint you're talking about but I got the material and pattern from John so I think I'm set. Thanks anyway. That's a great website too.


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