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Thread: strength in numbers

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    strength in numbers

    I noticed that WalMart has apologized for some clerk saying to a veiled muslim woman, "don't stick me up". I found this interesting because the national press was outraged. Now I wish I had a nickel for every comment made at WalMart by a clerk with respect to my abbreviated dress, necessitated by central pain.

    Here is a list:
    "Are you gay"
    "Don't you know its winter"
    "Are you from Alaska"
    "Are you from Hawaii"

    After my saying,

    "I am wearing shorts and tank top because my skin burns"

    At which point I have heard

    You are so lucky.

    I wish I had that

    Ha Ha. Don't kid me.

    Oh brother now I've heard it all

    I dont' expect the press will be outraged about any of this. The reason I say this is that notwithstanding their publishing about Portenoy and transcranial DC, I have written multiple times to NBC, CBS, and ABC begging them to make central pain a known disease. So far, no go.

    Which goes to show you if you are small in number, you are in trouble.

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    Well, I can join the club of Walmart Whiners...although I will shop there again and again...

    Recently I was in there, riding one of their little electric carts...

    I got to the checkout, and proceeded to put my items on the belt...

    I was going to write a check, and they have this little "shelf" that swings out to write a check on, so I had my checkbook out....

    And another girl...not the cashier...was bagging...

    And she says...

    Lady, you have to MOVE UP so I can put your things in your basket!!!

    I said, well YOU have to WAIT because I am writing a check HERE at your shelf...

    Then when I started to leave, I double checked the bagstand, because once at a different Walmart, they didn't give me all my bags...

    That same girl started hollering...

    Ma'AM... I ALREADY PUT YOUR BAGS in your cart!!!

    I said, well, I always double check because one of my bags was left behind once!

    She said...well WE don't do that here....

    and sure enough...

    the NEXT time I shopped there, if I had not looked, I would have been minus a bag...LOL!

    Another thing that kills me is that if I am with my friend, and they ask HER questions about ME....

    She has sense enough to look at them and say...well, why don't you ask HER???!!!


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    Oh don't even get me started about Wal-Mart!! The most insensitive louts in the world seem to work there, or at least on the days that I go. I really try to avoid the place, but the damn prices are good if you can get past the guilt of them probably being assembled by child labor somewhere for ten cents an hour. Without sounding pompous (I hope) I have often noticed that people with a good 50 IQ points less than I have treat me as a slightly retarded person simply because they are standing. Makes me want to "kneecap" them sometimes.......

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