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Thread: Motorcycles

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    Hi redroc2 I see a CBR600 in your profile. I smashed a gixer1000k4 at Loch Ness I now race a F1 sidecar thanks for the advice.

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    looks pretty cool...I so want a gixxer 750 I would love to have the new one that has the 600 750 and 1000 setting so I could increase my ridding skills as I go...

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    You still ride!!

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    I wrecked on my GSXR600 which made me an SCI. I so miss riding, but will never do it again. DO you have hand controls or can you still shift and break correctly with your feet?

    Sry about being off-topic.

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    I'm still tempted - when will I learn.....

    Still off topic, but check this guys kit out

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    Many folks use a Kliktronic Electric Shifter, and disk brakes can be plumbed to activate both front and rear from the hand lever.

    Lots of places to start investigating here:

    Good Luck...


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    I met a para the other day who is in the process of constructing a trike from a gsxr 1100 ( which is what he crashed to land him in the chair some years ago ).
    Looks pretty sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeyes

    Many folks use a Kliktronic Electric Shifter Joe
    I have it on my trike, and it works pretty good, you have to get it set just right, or it won't shift, or it will overheat. Once you get it set right it is nice, sometimes you don't even need to use the clutch.They cost about $900.00 well worth it.
    Tough Times Don't Last...Tough People Do!

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    I was never a trike guy but you should be able to do some crazy donuts with this trike.

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    I have a kawasaki ninja 636 that I've been wanting to get set up for me to ride again. Im a t9 complete. The guy from az his name is lee beaver he will send me the kit for like 1200 an then u buy the shifter from the manufacturer for another 900... I crashed in a car but I rode for 4 years prior to my accident. I would love to ride again. I need to buy a car though so well see... congrats to everyone who has gotten back on their bikes tho...

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