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Thread: convert itunes to mp3?

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    convert itunes to mp3?

    I had a friend who asked me how to convert itunes to regular mp3 so that she can play it on her cheapy mp3 player. I thought I saw someone post something about this here, but I couldn't find the post. Anyone in the know?

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    Buy an iPod ;-) ;-) ;-)
    However, $200 (ish) cheaper solution:
    under preferences, advanced, importing, change the preference to MP3.
    Then highlight the items, right click and there should be an option to convert to MP3.
    If they were purchased from the iTunes music store, then there are additional steps involved, ranging from burning a music CD, re-importing as MP3, or looking up one of the fine programs by DVD Jon.
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    there's no easy way to convert .m4p files (DRM-protected from iTMS) aside from burning to a CD & ripping them to .mp3s.

    as for converting .m4a/aac files to .mp3 using iTunes (should work on windows or mac):

    1) go to the preferences screen, select advanced. in the "importing" tab, select "MP3 Encoder" in the "import using:" dropdown. the 128kbps/good quality setting is best if you intend to upload a song here (the file size will be smaller). hit OK once done.

    2) select a song from the library, and then go to the "advanced" menu. select "convert selection to MP3." iTunes will create a duplicate copy of the file in the same folder. you're done!

    (edit: yeah, bondo said this too... oops. i'm on the phone & didn't read the thread before posting, just copied/pasted from another site i explained this on.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCarina
    Why not use converter, it's the easiest way.
    Yes, his article is useful.
    Personally I use converter ... link removed by wheelchair TITAN ... phishing

    Hope it helps
    Is this a pay per use or have a program fee? William
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    Smells of spam to me.
    Not a chance that I would follow that link.
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    Hymn will convert music purchased from the iTunes store...

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