Hi everyone. Thanks for creating this site, Mr. Young. May I have this opportunity to clarify my doubt regarding patients' neurological assessment.

During my practise ( as junior physician ), I had come across a patient with sensory loss over his left half, resulting from stroke ( right MCA territory infarct ). He had diminished sensation to touch and pain; but had normal muscle power and coordination.

He was unable to quote the number I had written on his left palm; nor was he able to name objects placed in this hand ( sensory agnosia ).

When asked, " show me how you would comb your hair ", he could perform the task with his right hand, but not with the left . The patient was right handed. Can this be termed 'ideational apraxia' ; or should I not have tested his left hand ( for this particular task), for having had sensory deficit already? Moreover left is not the patient's dominant side.