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    Not sure if this is the right forum but...

    I found out after my injury that I do not qualify for ssdi because I haven't worked outside the home in five years. I have enough credits to qualify for ssi when I am 63 1/2 years but I have 20 years to wait. While it wouldn't pay the bills it would help pay for caths, etc.

    Do I have any way of fighting this or am I SOL?



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    You may be right about SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), I know you have to have a certain number of quarters of work history but I don't know that they have to be that recent, ie., within 5 years. However, if you are low or no income and otherwise qualify as disabled (having a spinal cord injury and not working) then you should be eligible for SSI (Supplemental Security Income). You don't have to have any work history at all for SSI but it normally pays considerably less and normally comes with Medicaid.

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    I do believe your out of luck. To qualify for the Disability benefits you need to have accumulated so many credits w/in recent years. If you stop working you no longer are earning credits and the credits you earned eventually expire. Disability benefits are supposed to replace lost income. If you were not earning income, there is no "loss" to make up for.

    At least that is how I understood the guidelines. I hope my explanation made sense.

    It totally sucks, I'm sorry!

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    For SSI, you need to have less than $2000 in assests. Here is the link to who qualifies.

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    I think so as well.
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    Thanks. It seems unfair.

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    Less than $2000? My goodness you must need to be a bum.

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