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Thread: advice-balancing too many aids

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    advice-balancing too many aids

    how do you maximize your available help/spread the work around to keep everybody happy, yet maintain some continuity

    right now I have a happy problem-there are more people who want to work for me than I have work for. I'm trying to figure out ways to fit everyone in, because I'm afraid that if I tell someone there's nothing for them now, then they'll vanish-I really want to rotate alot of people... I became too dependent on a couple people once & got screwed

    example- bowel program it's every other day I do it 15 times a month-one woman does 8 another does 4 & another does 3-the girl that only does 3 days a month takes longer simply because she doesn't do it that often. I have two others that would be interested in learning. If I break it up anymore then the continuity goes to Hell.

    I'm just using the bowel program as an example, I could do the same example with driving etc.

    other thing is trying not to offend anyone-if you take a task away from one person & give it to another etc.


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    Wow, I wish I had that problem

    I always try to have two people working for me and I put the focus on the ones who are most likely to be reliable, stable and with me for the longest time.

    You always get some people who seem very promising when they start and then don't work out, because being a PCA wasn't as glamourous as they thought , or they find better pay, or their personal issues/problems surface.

    But I've found I can never really tell who's going to work out. I'd be as accommodating and professional as possible in scheduling the good people, but over time, go with your own needs. If someone's less efficient in doing your personal care, after training, don't feel bad about going with the better people.

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