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Thread: swollen ankle 4 months after surgery

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    swollen ankle 4 months after surgery

    Hi, my husband had a screw put in his ankle 4 months ago. His ankle and leg are swollen now. He called the doctor that did the surgery but they told him to go to the ER as they are no longer have anything to do with his ankle.They said there must be something esle wrong, he did go to ER and had xray done and the ER doctor said it looked fine. ER told him to take a aspirin a day, when he sleeps and wakes up the swelling is better. Can anyone tell me what this may be and what we can do ?

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    Sounds like dependent edema.

    Have him put his leg higher than his heart twice a day for an hour. Avoid excessive salt or carbonated beverages. It's not warm to the touch or red (if it was, I'd worry about infection)?
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    Is the swelling just in one leg or both? Was there any new trauma to that area? Having he injury might make that leg prone to more edema.

    If no new trauma, I would try what Lynnifer mentions above.


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